2/11/15 – 4/11/15 – UNIT X PROJECT

For unit X I will be working alongside other Manchester School of Art students, including Fashion, Interactive Arts and Interior Design. Our Fashion Art Direction group will come together to present and work with others to present our task and ideas. 

Day 1 – Part 1

To start off the project we where asked to bring in a box which featured items which represented us, this could be anything varying from things that interested me or personal belongings. Images of the content can be seen below. This task was inspired by The Small Museum (http://thesmallmuseum.org/museum-in-a-box/).

The first task featured getting together in an allocated pair. One person from the pair was to pick an item from their personal museum in a box, and describe the item via words, whilst the other drew what they thought the item was. The meaning behind this task was to help us develop generate ideas when pitches or ideas may not be so direct.

Day 1 – Part 2

After the first task was completed we then organised our boxes in three ways, this could be colour based, relevance or size etc. I tried to organise my boxes in no particular order, but I wanted my imagery to look rather personal, as if my items where part of somewhat of a basic yet personal display. For variation I tried different layouts with and without the box, and I also looked at the way some of the items where similarly shaped. The images of my work can be seen below.

Part 3

I then collaborated again with my partner to create a combined images of a selection of our items. When creating these images we had no particular aim but to merge our items and create something new. When looking at Meryeme’s collection, I saw the remains of a used wax candle, and it really caught my eye, due to its unusual and fascinating shape, texture and mix of contrasting colours. We combined the candle along with a precious stone which I had brought as part of my collection. There was no particular reason for this, I just thought the items where both as interesting as eachother and might make their own aesthetic. The aesthetic in which me and Meryeme created in our heads was rather witchy and voodoo like, and the jewellery of skulls and crosses from miriam collection fit in really well and boosted the idea of the witchy aesthetic more.

Another thing in which we noticed with our collections was tickets (both travel, I also had concert tickets too), We collaborated these tickets together and the idea of our character being a traveller, and also music lover made a statement in our heads.

Part 4

After the days task I decided to create a Pinterest board dedicated to the character. Here I would collect imagery of anything I may feel could relate to the character. This was not a set task and was something I set up as we hadn’t really got the clearest visual of our character during the days lesson and task, and our ideas where  basic and hadn’t been thought through completely. This was my own personal experiment and could possibly help boost mine and Meryeme’s ideas the next day.

Part 5

After I felt like I had gathered enough imagery on my Pinterest board I put together this mini collage of the character. I used travel based imagery such as tickets (as this was inspired by the fact we had a lot of them in our own personal museum in a box) and I also included witchy like imagery from the original candle and crystal idea.

Day 2 – Part 1

The next day I felt back to Meryeme about my collage. Even though we thought my collage was a good start, Ww came together during our class session and developed the story behind our character a lot which changed the feel of the character quickly, meaning my collage wasn’t much use as it didn’t really relate anymore However I did feel that the collage was interesting to create, and is a exceptionally good idea to put your ideas together to create a slightly more developed idea.

The main task for the day was to bring in multiple garments to create three outfits on a manikin that represent our characters story/development. Throughout the start of the day me and Meryeme had fully developed our characters story. Our character was a female in her early 20’s, and has come from a strict background where her family has made her decisions, and told her how to live and what to do. She finally decides that she wants to travel and go on a journey of self discovery, to find out who she really is. Throughout the journey she does struggle to be herself as she is rather scared of venturing out of her usual comfort zone, but this finally develops and is shown in the final outfit.

Outfit 1

Used a few different yet simplistic textures for this outfit. We had the body all covered up due to the family strictness and this also represented the fact that our character isn’t free at this point. The newspaper represents her interest in world events and knowledge (something the family has made our character to do). The fur scarf is rather classy looking.

Outfit 2

Slightly more free and less figure hugging but the body is still covered well. The outfit is a little more loose and flowing. This outfit is definitely not as strict looking as the previous yet still covers the body well. These idea flows along the the lines of our character still being under the influence of strict rules, yet she has the confidence to be herself a little more.

Outfit 3

This would be the final outfit for out character when she is developed into the free spirit. This particular outfit is a little more wacky and out there and a lot more noticeable. We layered up different necklaces and used different media to create alternative jewellery. 


Day 3

The next day we then started collaborating with our new group in Unit X. We each presented our work to the group, discussing our project brief and our ideas and discussed the other students work. We also interacted with other students work. I also created a few illustrations of one of our outfits.

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