This post is based on trying out different ways to generate ideas.

I looked at two brainstorming images on moodle, and found that these mind maps where really colourful and striking when they first appeared on the page. I think using colour coding makes everything look a lot more organised and separates information, as well as making the mind map itself more visually appealing and memorable. Little doodles also break up all of the text and make the information easier to process.

I will begin to explore the different ways in which I can make a brainstorm and try out different methods to create/represent visuals and ideas.

Method 1

For fashion and status I brainstormed a few categories in which fashion plays important meaning within different industry, including colour and fashion items that may indicate ranking and importance. With this method of brainstorming I found that it was a little basic and not very visually appealing even though colour was added, and therefore and not very memorable.

Method 2


For the Fashion and Place brainstorm I applied the idea of dress codes to where people of my chosen generation (generation y) may choose to meet and spend their time. For example I picked nightlife and applied the factors such as clutch bags and excessive jewellery to this theme as people of my generation tend to dress up a little more formally when they are out. With this diagram I added a few doodles and a bit more colour, this makes the brainstorm more memorable and fun to look at as well as making the diagram more fun to create. However, I feel like adding  extra doodles is a little more time consuming and could possibly replace time that I use to get more ideas/concepts down.

Method 3FINALSFor the third method I created digital illustrations based on my themes from my fashion & place spider diagram (the main themes where shopping, festival, art school and night life). I found this to be a good experiment as I could combine drawing with digital elements and create interesting outcomes. I felt like this method works the best for me as it allowed me to create interesting visuals instead of a jumble of words and arrows. When using idea generation in the future I think I will combine methods two and three, as I can quickly generate ideas through a spider diagram and bring them to life using different media such as drawing and photoshop.

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